Wetown has a professional team of more than 30 operations staff in China providing WeChat marketing services for many Hong Kong, overseas companies and listed companies. We tailor-made for our customers the exclusive and unique WeChat PRO marketing program, by utilizing WeChat powerful functions and with our rich promotion strategy, generating a very high return.


Our company WeChat operating system provides services to over 300 Chinese and overseas customers, from marketing planning to promotional activities, system setup and data analysis, innovation and creating every and many success cases.


The exclusive WeChat Operating system is built with more than 100 industry scene applications and can be tailored to suit each customer’s style and requirements, taking into account the corporate image and respond promptly to the fast-changing markets.


We guarantee 100% of followers’ growth rate with our WeChat PRO promotion program for the first year, or at a monthly composite growth rate of not less than 50%. (Customers need to choose the designated promotional program).


WeChat PRO promotion program annual plan can effectively and accurately reach the potential customers. By utilizing multiple platforms, diversifying in various network we design and implement the best solutions for customers. An annual exposure of 1 million to 10 million times can be easily reached.


Regardless of traditional marketing or e-marketing, a comprehensive market analysis and planning are needed, our WeChat PRO program has a thorough and comprehensive market analysis reports that enable customers to make the best use of resources and to achieve greatest benefits.


Tencent released Wechat Official account function with a simple basic configuration and API interface, and we are the world’s first that to develop WeChat 3.0 operating system. Our 3.0 system is equipped with more than 100 scenarios,150 promotion activities, shopping mall, membership and customer management, article distributions and hundreds of exclusive function settings for WeChat marketing.


We have our own professional operating team in China to provide to our customers a comprehensive range of business, brand, product and services, which includes data collection, market analysis, design, promotion of Official accounts via various marketing platforms. Incorporating with the Hong Kong team, we offer the best brand building, IT solutions and marketing services to our customers.


Games, H5 electronic flyers, promotional activities, red packet activities, physical stores, exhibitions online experience … We combine the ideas of customers and the trendy topics in the market, and introduce a variety of different promotional programs to generate and attain best results.


WeChat Official Account unique built-in feature enable merchant to set up chatbot customer service, offering a 7 X24 automatic reply to customer enquiries. With merchants providing the contents, we built up to more than ten thousand entries to answer customers enquires promptly, and this save a lot of manpower and significantly improve corporate image and customer relationships.


We have a database of more than 3000 Hong Kong and China KOL to provide the best channels for your business, products and services according to different ages, occupations, interests and regions. Each KOL has 3000 to 5000 friends, by utilizing our exclusive worldwide WeChat marketing system we can achieve the best results for our customers in the shortest possible time.


The advantage of e-marketing is that you can consolidate customer and marketing data in a simple and more efficient way. Our WECHAT PRO WeChat system can accurately record all interaction data, generate monthly report and provide customers with detailed analysis to adjust marketing strategy. Our WeChat system has detailed reports for customers that can easily see the WeChat official account and brand marketing growth.


Our WeChat Agents system is catered for all industries sales and marketing promotion needs. Our agents promote the products and services for our customers 7 X 24 through different channels and the agents are not restricted in geographically, time zone, occupation and age. The engagement and co-operation can be short-term promotion, long-term engagement, either for brand building, new product sales, event exhibitions, or a variety of explosive growth can be done for customer.