WeChat Pay is a third-party payment platform operated by TenPay, a subsidiary of Tencent Group Co., Ltd. (Stock code : 700). WeChat pay is the payment function of the WeChat application, and users can quickly complete the payment using smart phones. WeChat pay is equipped with ‘quick payment’, ‘QR code payment’, ‘on-line payment’ and ‘original generated code payment’.


WeChat Pay Cross-border Payment – Overseas Merchants. Every legal entity with Hong Kong Registration Certificate or Overseas Business Registration Certificate or related business registration certification is welcomed to apply. Tencent reserves the right of final approval without any explanation.


The handling fee of Hong Kong merchants is 1.8% of the transaction amount and 2.5% for the overseas merchants. The handling fee will only be deducted when the settlement is made to the merchant’s bank account. A discount of the handling fee can be negotiated if the merchant’s monthly transaction amount is high.


Your WeChat Pay business account will be approved within 7 working days after submission of necessary documentations. A WeChat Pay account can receive online payment (on website and official account), offline payment (Stores), and mobile application payment (soon to be launched).


Payment received by WeChat pay will be credited directly to merchant pre-registered Hong Kong company bank account (or a local bank account number for an overseas company) after settlement. The amount credited will subject to handling fee.


WeChat pay support and settle payment to merchants in China and other parts of the world. No matter what kind of currency is settled, all remittance fees are borne by WeChat pay platform, which saves the merchants money and time.


Hong Kong merchants will receive settlement in Hong Kong dollars (overseas merchants will be settled in local currency or U.S. dollar) for their goods or services (after deducting handling fees) without paying any exchange difference or remittance Fee.


Through the real time exchange rate provided by China Construction Bank and China CITIC Bank, when the consumer purchases goods or services, the real time exchange rate will be used for foreign currency exchange into Renminbi, and the converted Renminbi amount will be deducted from the buyer’s account. Merchants do not have to bear any currency exchange rate difference.


WeChat pay authorized financial institutions agencies to settle the payment in three ways :
1) Every 5th and 20th of the Calender Month (T+2)
2) When amount reaches HKD30,000 (T+2)
3) Everyday (T+2)

T+2 = 2 days payment received after settlement day


We provide our in-house exclusive development platform system for WeChat pay merchants. Merchants can check their collection status, transactions and print reports anytime. In the near future, we will provide merchants more integration to third-party payment methods (such as Alipay, UnionPay Flash Pay, PAYPAL, Octopus Payments … etc.) so that merchants can manage all their electronic accounts in one system.


During the promotion period, all merchants will enjoy free WeChat Pay Installation and waiver of monthly fee service fee, merchants are not required to pay any monthly minimum service charge. (Merchants will be charged separately for offline POS cash registers or require additional services for online payment platform).


WeChat pay can integrate with most of the websites, shopping carts, e-commerce shops, Official accounts payment, and mobile applications (to be launched on 2018) … setting up is simple, and our professional technical support team will provide assistance to our customers.


WeChat Pay support real time payment receivable, POS cashier (to be purchased separately) payment, QR code payment (soon to be launched), and support most of the restaurant management systems.